1981 J/30 FOR SALE    asking: $29,000

  In waukegan, IL                                                                                   $32,000 with trailer


Finding a sailboat to motivate and sustain participation by the entire family is no easy task. Research shows that active sailing families divide 76 days/yr. on the water equally between daysailing, cruising and racing. The ideal boat will be good for all these activities, while crewed by people of all age and experience levels.

Too large a boat can be intimidating. A slow boat will eventually turn off the young. A racing boat may not be suitable for serving a nice meal or curling up with a good book. It seems the ads claim every boat to be a "racer-cruiser." Few really are. Even fewer would get the vote of each family member. There’s only one that will and has for nearly three decades: The J/30.


The J/30 Madcap has always been in fresh water with a long list of racing wins and exceptionally maintained. Recent upgrades include new sails, new running rigging, new faired epoxy bottom, new blue topsides and a repainted deck.

Contact: John Hoskins, jhoskins123@aol.com, 847-652-5092